Parenting Plan Mediation
isn’t a competition,

it’s a collaboration

Parenting Plan Mediation is

an effective economic alternative to litigation

Divorce and co-parenting can be disorientating for you and your kids.

So why make the process of creating a Parenting Plan any more painful than it needs to be?

Our Parenting Plan Mediation Services for divorcing and divorced parents offer a unique opportunity to create greater harmony with faster results than litigation.

In litigation, you talk to your lawyer who talks to your ex’s lawyer who talks to your ex about the terms of the Parenting Plan;rinse repeat.

In mediation, both co-parents are brought together in an environment where they can freely and confidentially present their position in front of a neutral third party who is also a trained therapist.

No games of, “He said, she said.”

The objective of a developing a Parenting Plan isn’t to score points against your ex.

The objective is to raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods’.

At Catapult Counseling, we pride ourselves on an originality of ideas, an appropriate sense of humor, empathy, patience and the ability to act unobtrusively in high conflict situations.

Create a Parenting Plan

that works for you, your kids and your ex

“Co-Parenting” describe a relationship between two parents divorcing or divorced and working to raise their children together.

Formerly called a “Custody Agreement,” a Parenting Plan is a formal written document outlining all the commitments you’ve both made regarding how you intend to raise your children, including custody and much more.

Savvy Co-Parents are turning to mediation to create their Parenting Plan because litigation is expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and unpredictable.

In mediation, you both communicate with the same mediator, in a clear and direct manner.

We help you and your ex reach a compromise based on what’s best for the children which also addresses your respective needs.

The result is a plan that combines and reflects both of you as the co-parents you are now.

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Parenting Plan 101

guidelines for raising your kids together

Included in your parenting plan:


Childcare arrangements

Decision making

Educational matters

Guidelines for introducing a parent’s “friend”

Parent-child communications

Relationships with extended family

Relocation requests


Vacations, holidays, etc.

Visitation schedule

And more…

Facilitate, verb

1. to make easier or less difficult, help process forward

As meditators, our job is to support co-parents in collectively determining the optimum solutions for their children’s care.

You know what’s best for your children which is why we practice “Facilitative Mediation.”

Facilitative Mediation involves us asking each co-parent a series of questions. Our conflict resolution skills assist both party gain an understanding of each other’s perspective in order to reach mutual ground.

Rather than making recommendations or providing advice, our role as your mediator is simply to facilitate a resolution. This allows you as co-parents to be in complete control of the outcome.

You’ve gone through enough. Let us make this process easier, less stressful and faster so everyone can all get on with their lives.

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“Being in therapy with Heather helped me feel more engaged in my life.

I’m making the choices and following through with what will lead me to the life I want.

I’m more deliberate and definitely more confident in myself.”  -Client